It's about to get "Weiirrrrdddddd"!

What can I say? I'm an original 'OG' with a lot of spunk and strange talents. Whether it's something I've learned sometime/somewhere in life or just naturally acquired... here are 7 of the weirdest things that make up my physical and social DNA:

1.) My comfort singing range is Falsetto. #SamSmith

2.) When it comes to buying pants... I'm too big for normal department stores, yet I'm too small for 'Big & Tall'. #PantsPurgatory

3.) I'm an expert snowman/snow-sculptor. #SnowBro


4.)  I can eat most things in one bite. #PutYourMoneyWhereMyMouthIs

Courtesy of Laura Buckley

5.) I can speak Japanese. #DomoArigatoMrRoboto

6.) I have a tattoo on my butt cheek  #NoRagrets

7.) I was born hearing impaired and went through endless hours of therapy and surgery, yet I can hear perfect pitch musically. #CanYouHearMeNow