"I ain't afraid of no ghosts"... but I have my weaknesses.

Let's be frank for a second, nobody's perfect. We all have our own fears and phobias, it's what makes us unique. So, what scares me? I can name a few things:

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    Failing (At Anything)

    I'm sure this is common amongst many of us, but it's what drives me to succeed. However, if I fail, it's not the worst thing in the world... I just simply get back in the game and learn from my mistakes.

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    Lil & Stitch Ride at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World

    Ok... I know, I know, this is supposed to be a "kid-friendly" attraction. Don't be fooled by the cute cuddlieness of that little blue alien, this ride scared the Be-Jesus out of me! Once the lights went out, I was alllllllll set.

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    Fast Zombies (or) Zombies That Run

    If there is ever such thing as a zombie apocolypse, I pray to all that is Holy that the undead walk... very slowly. I don't know, something like a zombie running full sprint at me isn't too comforting.

    becky rockwood
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    'E.T.' The Extra-Terrestrial

    Yes, as in the alien from the 1982 Spielberg movie. Growing up I would constantly have nightmares of it killing me and dragging me out to the desert to die. Morbid, I know... but so were my childhood dreams.

    Thos Robinson
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    Ending Up On 'Turtle Boy Sports'

    EVERYTHING that I do on a daily basis comes with caution. Nobody wants to wake up to a tagged post from an infamous Turtle Boy Sports article. Even on the weekends I do my best to just leave my phone in the car when bar-hopping, but even then... it might just be safer to live under a rock.

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    Getting Injured or Falling ill

    My life is already hectic enough with a jam-packed schedule. I'm constantly on the run, whether it's work or meetings or (most importantly) working out. Who has the time to get sick or injured?! Not me... that's why I'm always on guard, as cautious as possible.

    Claro Alindogan
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    There's nothing scarier than heartbreak, therefore (for me) falling in love is not an easy task. We all have scars from our past (physical or psychological) that can interfere with our perception of love. Doesn't mean I don't know how to love, let's just say I'm more cautious these days.