From dress attire to work ethics, a "Westport Guy" is the perfect catch. 

1.) Do you like fresh vegetables, meat and milk? Well, welcome to Farm Country. From the ground to the table, farming is what we do best.


2.) Tank-tops, frayed shorts and boots that don't mind being scuffed symbolize the simplicity of a simple man.

K.Garcia Productions

3.) Most likely a Mama's boy.... If you're into that. Country Boys are raised right, manners and all.


4.) A perfect date = A blanket, an iced cold Buzzards Bay beer and relaxing in the sunshine.

Courtesy of Andrea Manzone

5.) If something is broken, chances are we can fix it.

6.) We ALL know how to build a bonfire for the crisp Friday summer nights.


7.) Our Tractors are sexy.


Courtesy of Westport Diesel Performance
Courtesy of Westport Diesel Performance