Fellas have you ever wondered what goes through a females mind while on that first date? I can confirm for you from experience that we are going through our deal breakers check list.

I'm not one to believe in finding a man that has it all, no one is perfect but I do know there are a list of deal breakers in which women pay attention to when trying to find a man to build a relationship with.


1- Yellow teeth from either a lack of brushing or from cigarette smoking (gold plated teeth aren't attractive either Mike Tyson)

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2- Having a unibrow ( Anthony Davis please tweeze your unibrow)

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3- Disgusting looking hands and/or feet (man up and pay someone to take care of the situation)

4- No sense of humor (Carrot Top you are not funny!)

5- No work ethics (you don't have to have all the money in the world but you need to have and be able to hold a job)

6- Constant neediness for attention (no girl wants a man to act like a puppy dog at their feet)


7- Lacks romantic/gentlemen like mannerisms (a man needs to be more into you then he is into himself)