We've always been told to drink more water.  The stuff's just good for you!  But it can get difficult to keep up with the old 8-10 glasses a day.

I've found a list of 5 fun ways to stay hydrated every day:

1.) Have/Create Your Own Favorite Bottle

Whether you buy an awesome looking bottle, or you make one yourself, looking trendy with a colorful water bottle is the new cool thing. Not only does this help you show off to friends and co-workers, but it'll help you remember your water each day!

2.) Eat More Fruits and Veggies

There are plenty of delicious fruits and veggies packed with water to help you keep hydrated. Melons are one of my favorite choices, while my least favorite food in the world, celery, is also a good source of water. This also helps you by snacking healthy in between meals.

3.) Use A Straw

Seriously, just try it. I'm not sure exactly what makes drinking out of a straw makes water easier to take in, but it works. For even more water-drinking-fun, use a crazy straw and be even more hip with your friends!

4.) Add Some Natural Flavor

Sometimes, you just want something tasty and plain water won't cut it.  Skip the sodas, artificially flavored water, and other flavor shots.  Cut some of your favorite fruits up and throw them in your glass for a subtle, but yummy kick. You can throw a few mint leaves along with the fruit for even more beverage diversity.

Don't forget about tea! Brewing some good old unsweetened tea is another way to take in liquids while staying healthy.

5.) Mark Your Drinking Goals On A Bottle

This is one of my favorite ways to keep up with my water. What you do is mark a bottle at different levels to show how much water to drink each hour. This method helps me because it sets goals all day for me to meet without overdoing it all at once.