There are things we buy because good marketing has convinced us that we absolutely need to spend the extra money for these goods and services.   Here are some of the most blatant ones that should be reconsidered.  

Bottled Water.   Contrary to what most bottled water distributers would like you to believe, much of what they bottle comes straight from the tap instead of a hidden spring or a pure mountain stream.  Using a water filter will give you similar results for a fraction of the price.

Unlimited Cell Phone Minutes.   You may think you need a cellphone plan with unlimited minutes so you can talk as much as you want without extra fees.  But the truth is most of us don't exceed the number of minutes offered, even with the least expensive plans from most carriers.   Check your usage on bills over the past several months before choosing a pricier plan.

Premium Gas.   You may have been told that filling your tank with premium rather than regular will help your car run better and longer.  According to Car and Driver however, that advice is wrong.   A recent study by the magazine found that higher octane gasoline had absolutely no effect, except on the very rare ultra-performance cars.

Credit card Payment Insurance.   For a monthly fee, most credit card companies offer an optional insurance policy.   They will cover your payments if you become disabled or unemployed.  Financial advisors say that most of these plans are full of complex rules and restrictions, and recommend using the money you would spend on the insurance to pay down your monthly balance instead.

Lottery Tickets.   Yes, those millions would probably make your life wonderful.  But almost anything is more likely to happen to you than winning big in the lottery.  The chance of winning one of those jackpots is will over 100-million-to-one.