With Fun 107's Monster Mash just a few weeks away, it's time for you to mark it down on your calendars. This is the big Halloween party here on the Southcoast, and every year it's a good time. Still on the fence? We've got five reasons why coming to our Halloween party is a great idea!

1. Medical staff on site!

@caitiskye, instagram

Don’t worry- if you dance too hard and hurt yourself, plenty of medical staff is on hand to help you!

2. You'll feel secure

@kerriemarie_l, instagram

Crowd control will be relatively easy with increased security.

3. Meet a childhood hero!


Even if you a young’n at the ripe ole’ age of 18- you’ll see plenty of familiar faces and instantly feel right at home.

4. You'll look good!


No matter what, your makeup will look pretty awesome compared to others!

5. Plenty of people to save the day


If you’re having a bad time- there will always be someone who can save you nearby.