Dear Abby, I apologize in advance for this article.

Throughout the years of working together, I THOUGHT I knew you like a book, but I obvisouly missed some chapters with quality dirt!

Welcome to the "Michael Rock Show"... where there's no hiding from your past or present anymore.... especially if I'm around. 😎

Through the help of some VERY reliable sources, names which I will not release nor will I ever (so don't bother asking, haha), I was able to find out some things about you that I never knew and I pretty sure anyone else (besdies my sources) knew as well:

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    Indoor Naps Are Over-Rated

    As a baby, Abby would only nap outdoors. It didn't matter if it was the dead of winter with snow on the ground, the only way to get her to doze off would be if in a stroller outside. #NatureGirlStillToThisDay

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    The Young Driver Who Barely Reached The Pedals

    The normal average age of people who were taught to drive is somewhere around 15 (at least that's what society says)... not for Abby. At a VERY impressive age of only 10 years old, she could barely touch the pedals of a BMW Roadster when a friend or family member gave the lessons. Do you even know how to drive, BRO?!

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    Little Miss Potty Mouth

    As reserved as Abby is, I've heard her potty mouth outside of the workplace. Well, it turns out that there are some roots to this...

    When Abby was 2-3 years old, she would say the 4-letter  "S" word whenever the phone rang. Turns out, a very busy grandmother figure who used to babysit her on the daily would yell the profane word when her phone rang, due to the fact that she had to stop whatever she was doing to see who was on the other line. Savage!

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    Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Abby?

    When it comes to things that go "bump" in the night, chances are you'll find Abby hiding out underneath the covers, gripping an aluminum baseball bat (Exagerated? Yes... But, not really lol).

    Costumes aside, forget about sitting on Santa or the Easter Bunny's lap without a total melt-down.

    Oh.... and clowns will make her "Pee her pants" (Her words, not mine).

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    "Imagine" ALL The People

    Last but not least, one of the JUICIEST fun facts I've discovered about Abby is by far one for the books.

    Growing up, Abby had 3 imaginary friends...

    Their names were Marsala, Masuer and McCotta.

    And yes... They were with her for a VERY LONG time.