We all know that there are standard items every girl keeps in her purse. You can pretty much guarantee that there will be a cell phone, wallet, car keys, and probably lip gloss.

But for the most of us, that just isn't enough. We all carry giant purses that could fit enough for a mini-vacation if need be. Below are a few items that you might have in your purse - and a few that you probably don’t, but might want to consider!


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    This one is an essential that I think most women will say is in their purse. It may seem a little 90s, but a great brush is one that folds up and has a mirror in it. They might be hard to find these days, but it’s really useful when you need a quick mirror – and having it folded up keeps from other things getting stuck in the bristles.

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    Hair ties/bobby pins

    Going along with the brush, hair ties and bobby pins should always be in your purse if your hair is past your shoulders. Whether the open car windows (or the top down in your convertible if you’re lucky) are too much to handle or you want to do an impromptu workout, these accessories will definitely come in handy. The only issue? Never being able to find one when you need it! But keep digging, they’re floating around in there somewhere!

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    Not everyone will agree with this one, but it is a lifesaver for those of us who sweat more than a person should! Travel sized deodorants are perfect for the small hidden pocket inside most purses so no one knows you have it. It’s easily accessible to freshen up in sticky situations (literally and figuratively).

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    You never know where you might be when hunger strikes. It’s helpful to keep a small snack in your purse for those times. A simple granola bar or a small bag of mixed nuts is all you need for a quick pick-me-up.

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    The uses for Vaseline are endless! Keeping some in your purse can really help you out in a tight spot. Did you know that Vaseline helps with blisters? Just put some on your toes in the spots that your shoes rub and it helps with the friction, minimizing the pain. (And for those of us that have the discomfort of legs rubbing together while we walk, it does the same thing!) Don’t have any lotion? Rub a little on your dry skin. Scuff your shoe during the day? Vaseline can help get that out too. Chapped lips? Vaseline can double for some chap stick or lip balm when in a jam. That’s just a few uses while you’re out and about with your purse, but there’s even more listed here.