After massive criticism from New Yorkers and Americans alike, the New York City Marathon has been cancelled for Sunday in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. It is not clear whether or not the marathon would be rescheduled to another date. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had previously said that the marathon would bring New York both a financial boost and morale boost. However, many New Yorkers thought it was disrespectful to hold a foot race around a city mired in human suffering. There was also concern that the added police presence necessary to patrol a marathon would take away from the city's recovery efforts from Hurricane Sandy.  Utililizing precious generators to power the marathon operation tents was also a point of contention.

There were incredible logistical issues that race organizers had to overcome. Among them? How to bring 47,000 people from around the world into a city where hotel rooms are at a premium. People who had lost their homes were being asked to leave some hotels to make room for visiting runners. Officials weren't even sure how they'd be able to get all of the runners to the starting line.