For eight years we were brought into the world of Dundermiflin in Scranton, Pennsylvania and got to meet characters that will be remembered in TV history forever. So as the final season of 'The Office' wraps up the final season, let's take a look back at some of the reasons why we loved Michael Scott, Dwight, Jim, Pam and even Creed.

1. We learned how to tell a good joke

2.Your pretentious friend who always referred back to the British version

3. It was always there for us

4. Even when Phyllis made us want to throw up

5. It always made us laugh

6. Even during uncomfortable moments

7. It taught us valuable life lessons

8. Creed was ALWAYS crazy

9. Stanley was...there

10. Michael and Toby taught us you didn't have to respect HR

11. And Michael and Holly taught us that you could have fun with HR

12. Remember the Fun Run for Meredith?

13. And when Kelly came back 'smart'?

14. And how about Karen?

15. When Jim broke up with Karen and asked out Pam?

16. Then they got together

17. We had some big wins with this show

18. Dwight offered some great advice

19. We found out who our real friends were

20. And now that it's over?