When it comes to the Southcoast, we have some very unique tastes. Sure some of the areas may have things that are a bit different (what's up with the lack of cheese rolls in Fall River?), but when it comes down to it, we are all part of the same area. 

So we put our heads together, and came up with 15 things that us Massachusetts Southcoast-ers just can't live without.

1. Thule Racks


We want everyone to know that we’re adventurers, even if you’ve never seen us load up the car with skis, kayaks, mountain bikes or any of the other equipment a Thule Rack is meant to hold.

2. Hating on the way Rhode Islanders drive - they can't. Period.


3. Letting everyone outside of the Southcoast know how amazing linguica is


4. Letting everyone know that linguica is NOT chourico


5. Cheese rolls!


6. White Nissan Altimas


We used to love black jeep Cherokees but that was too 1999.

7. Clam Cakes


8. Stop & Shop


9. Ma's Donuts

Google Maps

10. Getting summer veggies from the local CSA program


11. Joe Jesus


12. Being proud of how rude and jerk-ish we are , until someone points out how rude and jerk-ish we are


13. The Portuguese feast


14. Counting down the days until the Portuguese feast


15. Talking endlessly about the Portuguese feast in the days after, and how we can't wait until next year