There is a great story circulating about a local Fall River woman who, after a very long wait, finally received her high school diploma! has reported that 100-year-old Mary Moniz has received her very own honorary diploma from B.M.C. Durfee High School, in Fall River. The diploma which came as a surprise to Moniz was actually put into works by her son who has learned the value of education from her, his entire life.

You see, Moniz was born and raised in Fall River where she attended school all the way until her junior year of high school. Unfortunately, the depression hit and her immigrant parents relocated the family to the Azores. From there, Moniz fell out of touch with her education, but she always knew how important education was.

Moniz has stressed to everyone how staying in school and getting their degree is what they should be focused on. It's nice to see Mrs. Moniz get honored for a life well lived!