I'm pretty sure by now, everyone reading this has a cell phone. Its funny how we simply cannot function without these things - well, we could, we just don't want to.

Its also funny to me how people get so mad if the phone doesn't respond INSTANTLY to out every command. So, to try to chill tempers, here are some simple tips to keep your phone running smoothly.

1. Keep the phone in a spot where it can get a good signal. Weak signals cost battery power

2. REBOOT. Do not go days without restarting your phone. Especially smart phones.

3. Skip screen protectors. Most phones now have a protective player on them.

4. Clear Data. Applications like Facebook and Twitter build up date, its great to clear it out once in awhile.

5. Delete unused apps

6. Empty your picture folder after awhile. Save them onto a laptop or flash drive first

7. Don't abuse them, after all they are delicate pieces of electronics.

8. Back pockets are the worst place for phones - that's where you SIT

9. Organize your apps - the less time you spend clicking around, the better.

10. Buy a new phone!! After all, that's the best way to get it to work!!