When we tell people we work at Fun 107 we get asked a lot of the same questions. We'd like to set the record straight.


We have some connections- I don't know how many 12-year-old's get personalized birthday cards from Taylor Swift, but if you're Michael Rock's child that may be the case. One of the perks of being part of your morning commute for the last 20 years is making your daughter's birthday all the more special.


Not all of us are "on-air"- One of the most frequent questions we get revolves around what we do at our jobs. Contrary to popular belief, only a select few of us are actually on-air. Our office consists of salespeople, commercial producers and traffickers, news directors, promoters and event coordinators.

We don't huddle around the radio to listen to Fun 107 all day- Just because we work in the radio station doesn't mean we set in a powwow formation listening to our coworker talk over the airwaves. We have tasks we need to accomplish, but in our downtime we're known to sing along to our favorite songs.


We have a love/hate relationship with snow days- Snow days are great, don't get us wrong. But there's a lot that goes into cancellations that isn't seen. Superintendents and business owners call into our studios with a cancellation, as well as a secret password to confirm that this isn't just a student trying to pull a fast one on us

You WILL gain weight- The only six packs we see in the office are from beer vendors dropping off a new product. We love food so much at Fun 107 that sometimes we feel like food critics rather than our real jobs. One day in particular, Dunkin Donuts dropped off breakfast, Tropical Smoothie Cafe surprised us with a midday snack, and then Frontera Grill catered lunch. By 2pm we were suffering from meat sweats just walking to our desks.

Sometimes lunch is free, but that doesn't mean its easy- When we get a catered lunch from some of our favorite eateries around the Southcoast we tend to forget to think ahead. Have you ever tried to eat oatmeal with a knife? How about some New England Clam Chowder with a fork?

No pets allowed, but zoo animals are accepted- Although we may beg and plead to get a company pet, our bosses won't allow us. We have found a loophole though, thanks to Buttonwood Park Zoo, just don't spill the beans on us.

Sickness travels fast- Sickness gets passed around this office like a hot potato. Just recently Michael Rock played the role of Patient Zero, slowly spreading his cold to every person in the office. In just one week 8 people in the office were surprisingly absent with a similar sickness.


We like your gifts (most of the time)- We appreciate when our listeners send us little gifts or letters to show your love for our radio station. However, some of the gifts can be over the top. Acceptable gifts include letters, photos, pins. Unacceptable gifts include raw seafood, secondhand dirty children's toys and fertilizer (yes, we've really received all of these)

We don't go to free concerts unless we beg- Yes, we do work in the music industry but that doesn't mean that gives us an all access pass to any concert in our area. Most tickets we get go directly to our listeners, but sometimes if we nag enough we can get into the big time events