Disney might be one of the most well known brand son the entire planet. Movies, television, parks, hotels, cruises, you name it, Disney does it. But we have come across some interesting facts that you might not know about the most magical place on earth, and some of their beloved films. 

1. The Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom is 14-stories high


Animal Kingdom is also Disney's largest park at 430 acres. It's fitting that its middle piece is also gigantic.

Source: WheelsForWishes

2.The Disney Vault only opens once every ten years


Before people could bring movies home, Disney would actually re-release movies in theaters seven years after they had originally came out. With VHS and DVDs so readily available, the Disney Vault became even tighter. So it looks like you'll have to wait if you're looking to complete that collection.

Source: TopTenz.net

3. Patrick Stewart, aka Jean-Luc Picard from "Star Trek", was supposed to voice Jafar

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Yes, that's right. However because of scheduling conflicts with filming "Star Trek: The Next Generation", we never got to see that come to be.

Source: BuzzFeed

4. Mickey Mouse gas masks were a thing

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Back in the 1940's, our country was at war. Where as we feel safe a secure these days, back then it wasn't so 'easy going'. When Japan bombed Pearl harbor, they gave out gas masks just in case of another attack. Kids gas masks were made to look like this. Kind of creepy now that you think about it.

Source: Now I Know

5. The Haunted Mansion has actual human remains in it


As creepy as it sounds, it's true. The story goes that in 1994 a family asked for an extended tour. When they got it, they decided to spread the ashes of a 7-year-old boy who had died in the ride itself. While Disney says they cleaned up all the human remains, this remains very eerie.

Source: Mental Floss

6. Disney is where the Beatles officially broke up

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While Disney isn't 100% responsible for the breakup of the band, the official split happened to take place while John Lennon was vacationing at Disney Land in 1974. While both George and Ringo had already quit in 1969, it was officially official.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock

7. Lilo = Creepy girl from "The Ring"


Yeah, this one caught us a little off guard, too. Actress Daveigh Chase voiced the lovable character of Lilo, and in the same year played a character that will forever haunt out nightmares.

8. There were originally supposed to be two genies in "Aladdin"


The original story called for there to be one genie of the lamp (the character we all know and love) and another genie of the ring. What ring? I guess we'll never know.

Source: BuzzFeed

9. Walt Disney had an apartment in Cinderella's Castle


Before his death, Walt Disney apparently had an apartment within Cinderella's castle. After he passed away, the apartment was left empty and unfurnished. In 2006, it was turned into a luxury suite, and a randomly chosen family gets to stay in it everyday.

Source: Wheels For Wishes

10. Parts of the theme parks are known to be haunted


There are many rumors about hauntings in Disney, even some saying that Walt himself still haunts his old apartment over the fire station on Main Street in Disney Land. Pirates of the Caribbean is said to be haunted by a boy who is sometimes spotted on their cameras, but has never been seen.  Tom Sawyer's island is also said to be haunted by ghosts of high school seniors who attempted to swim to the island, but drowned.

Source: Haunted Honey Moon