It seems like only a day or two ago when all one-hundred-and-one of us were climbing on one of 3 busses in the parking lot outside of the FUN 107 studios.  A few short hours later we were on the deck of the beautiful Explorer of the Seas cruise ship at Port Liberty New Jersey.   Those with us who had never cruised before marveled at the size and splendor of the huge boat.  Others were looking at the New York City skyline and the new World Trade Center towering above lower Manhattan.    Soon we were sailing by the State of Liberty and under the massive Verrazano Narrows bridge, which sparked a loud cheers from hundreds standing on the pool deck.  It was then time for a quick call to those back at home before cell service would be lost for the next several days.   Then came our first night in the grand dining room.  Great food and conversation as we became acquainted with those listeners who would share our table for the next 9 nights.  Later it was off to one of the many bars or clubs, casino, comedy show, shopping in the promenade at the center of the ship, or watching our own Larry sing Karaoke.  In the days that followed we would visit Bermuda, beautiful St. Maartin, San Juan, and the private island of Labadee.  New friendships were being formed.  New experiences and beautiful beaches were being enjoyed, and there wasn't a care in the world, only lots of laughs and nonstop fun.  But here we are back in the real world with some new friends and many incredible memories.  Thank you to Bill King of Cruise Holidays of Lakeville, and to all the FUN 107 listeners who shared this wonderful experience.   Hope to see you all again soon.