Let's face facts: there is a lot of pressure on women to 'look good'. However, most of Hollywood's image of a 'beautiful' woman isn't what 99% of ladies actually look like. There are a few female celebrities that have embraced their curves, and aren't afraid to show them off. 


  • 1

    Jennifer Lopez

    For the longest time J.Lo has been known for rocking her curves. In fact, the term 'junk in the trunk' is pretty much about her. After having a couple of kids, the 40-something singer is still going strong, and looking fabulous.

  • 2

    Kim Kardashian

    This reality TV star is one of the most famous curvaceous ladies in 'the biz'. In fact, Kim K's whole family is full of curves (except of course Bruce Jenner). If you watch 'Keeping Up With The Kardashian's' you know that the expecting mother is dealing with more curves than usual.

  • 3

    Katy Perry

    This pop singer is proud of her curves, and revealed it in an interview with 'People' not too long ago. Katy loves her curves, and isn't afraid of showing them off either, whether it's on stage or on the red carpet.

  • 4

    Sofia Vergara

    No stranger to the fashion world, this model turned actress won everyone over as the curvaceous Gloria on ABC's 'Modern Family'. The 40-year-old Colombian has made a new career with those curves, and flaunts them every chance she gets.

  • 5


    There isn't enough we can say about 'Queen B'. She's beautiful, talented, and after having one baby she looks stunning. Jay Z got lucky with this one. Her curves even got her awarded 'Sexiest Woman of the 21st Century'. Rock on, Beyonce!

  • 6

    Kelly Rowland

    Another Destiny's Child alum, Kelly Rowland is back in 2013 and going strong. This singer even says that she never worries about her weight, and she is ahppy with her curves.

  • 7

    Nicki Minaj

    Despite what you think of Nicki Minaj's wild personality, and outspoken ways, this rapper/singer is not afraid of her curves at all. The former 'American Idol' judge shows off those distinct curves whenever she has a chance, so watch out world!

  • 8

    Kate Upton

    Who says a girl with curves can't succeed in the modeling industry? Kate Upton has not only graced the pages of Victoria's Secret, but has also covered the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue TWICE! Talk about an impressive resume. Girls, take a lesson from Kate. Curves are not the enemy.

  • 9


    The mother and 'Voice' coach is known for her killer hips - and they certainly don't lie. The curvy Colombian singer not only has quite a singing career, but continues to be a great role model for young girls all around the world.

  • 10

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

    For as long as we can remember, Jenner Love Hewitt has been proud of her curves. In fact, rumor has it that John Mayer even wrote his hit song 'Your Body IS A Wonderland' about Hewitt. It's not everyday you get a song written about you. Also, that's two curvy ladies on this list tied to John Mayer (Katy Perry).