It's known as the 'Gateway to Cape Cod', and while you could just travel through this quiet little New England Town, but you'll be missing out on some really unique things, that can only be found in Wareham, MA!

1. The Beaches!


From Onset, to Little Harbor, you can't go wrong with these local spots.

2. Marc Anthony's Pizza


It would be insane not to stop in for some pizza when passing through. It's a local tradition!

3. Water Wizz


Hollywood loves this place!

4. Kool Kone


5. Fearing Tavern Museum

Now this is part of the Wareham Historical Society, but it is rumored to be pretty haunted (see above video). If you're in the mood for a little history, this i a great place to check out.

6. Great hiking and walking trails

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Wareham has many great trails, so if you're the outdoorsy type, this place is for you.

7. Ella's Wood Burning Oven Restaurant

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8. Old Company Store

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9. Neal White


It doesn't get more local, or unique then Neal White! He calls Wareham, MA his home!

10. The Nantucket Light Ship


According to this website, this was the last lightship that was built in the United States. These ships were used to mark the hazardous areas along Nantucket for other ships.